Below you will find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about our services, training philosophy, and more.

What training do you offer?

Purpose Driven K9 provides professional family dog training, puppy raising, and behavior modification for a wide range of problems and goals.
Puppies 8-20 weeks old: Puppy Preschool Program is the best way to get started!
Dogs 16+ weeks old: A 1-hour Professional Evaluation is the best way for us to assess and determine the best training options for you!

What vaccinations are required?

Currently we require your dog is up-to-date by a licensed veterinarian on their Rabies & their Distemper/Parvo combination. They must be clear of external (fleas, ticks, etc) and internal (worms, giardia, etc) parasites.

And Starting February 1, 2021...

We are also going to require up-to-date Bordetella and an annual negative fecal from your vet.

What training method(s) do you use?

We use relationship based training - opening the lines of communication and helping you develop a better relationship with your dog.

We don't limit ourselves to just one option. We use a balanced approach to training because no two dogs are alike. Because of this, we adapt our training approach to fit each dog's needs based on their personality, energy level, age, experience, aptitude for learning, your lifestyle and goals.

Our training is built around effective communication, using praise, treats, and affection to motivate and encourage dogs to do the behaviors we want. We use various training tools to reinforce good decisions and behaviors. We primarily rely on leash pressure, using the special leash we recommend, to regain control of our dog's focus and interrupt unwanted thoughts/behaviors. By balancing between the two, we can help our dogs to understand how to get along in our family, our neighborhood, and the community!

The most efficient and effective way we've been able to help so many families over the years is through Board & Train programs.

What is a Board and Train program?

A Board and Train program is an all-inclusive program designed with all you need to achieve your goals with your dog. They can last from a few days to multiple weeks. You drop your dog off for training, only needing to provide enough food for their stay!

We then train them many times per day between 20 minutes - 1 hour per training "workout." Most dogs* will also receive multiple "social" training sessions where they learn to interact and communicate safely with other dogs. (*Dogs with serious behavioral issues might have a varied training plan.)

Finally, you have a 2 hour Go Home Lesson at pick up, where our trainer(s) shows you what your dog has learned, how to practice, and gives you goals and homework until we see you for your next lesson or group classes.

What is a Private Lesson?

A Private Lesson is an hour session where we teach you how to train your dog, improving their listening, behavior, and your understanding. You receive personal guidance and attention, problem solving techniques and demonstrations, and your very own homework training plan.

Do you offer Boarding?

Boarding is an exclusive service for our training graduates. Boarding with us guarantees your dog won't backtrack on their training as it includes:

  • Refresher leash training
  • Group place stay practice
  • Dog socialization
  • Daycare (if staying on a Wednesday)
  • Exercise
  • Walks
  • Complimentary Baths

Do you have Group Classes?

After your dog has completed the training recommended by our trainer, they may be ready to join our 6-weeks Group Classes. Each class meets 1 hour per week and has 8-12 dogs, who will all grow together through the classes.

Improve your dog's obedience and your handling, get answers to your questions, push and challenge your dog's abilities around distractions, and make the most of your training investment! All group classes end with our Dog Socials - where dogs come off leash and get to mingle and play in a safe, structured, and supervised environment.

Group Class Graduates get to attend future Socials for free!

How can I join your Group Classes?

To learn how your dog will benefit from group classes, start with a Professional Evaluation. Group Classes are only offered as supplemental training options for most dogs, currently offered Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays. Thursday classes have a 50 lbs limit for dogs.

All dogs that join our Group Classes have first completed a minimum amount of training as recommended by our trainer. Some dogs are ready after some private lessons, while others are ready after a board and train program. Either way, the goal is to prepare to join class #1 and progress through the weeks with the rest of the group.

Where are you located?

We have just one location on the south side of Indianapolis, in the Carson Plus strip mall lot at the intersection of Carson & Thompson Rd. Our address is 3139 E Thompson Rd. Indianapolis, IN 46227.