Our training process always starts with a Professional Evaluation first

Find out which options our trainer believes will work for you to reach your goals through a Professional Evaluation. The options below might be available for you and your dog based upon dog temperament, goals, and availability.


Get started with a Professional Evaluation.

If your dog is at least 15 weeks old, we offer 1-hour private Professional Evaluations with no obligation to sign up! In this consultation, you'll meet with our trainer, who will get to know your dog, get answers to your questions, find out how we can help you with your dog, and receive custom-chosen, detailed training plans selected just for you! Not all options are available for all dogs. Our high success rate starts with a well-informed training program, and depends on your commitment and consistency.

Puppy Consultation (8-16 weeks)

Designed for new and experienced puppy owners, schedule a time to bring your puppy in and meet our trainer. Learn how to break bad habits like nipping, jumping, and pulling. Find out how to properly socialize your puppy and teach them good bathroom habits. Our trainer will answer all your questions and also give you future formal training options for when your puppy is older.


Individual Private Lessons

(Training options are only available upon completing a Professional Evaluation with your dog at our facility)

You will do most of the training yourself when you get our Private Lessons option. You'll meet 1-on-1 with our trainer giving you their full focus and support in hourly lessons scheduled every 1-2 weeks based on your dog's needs, your goals, and availability. This is a great option for those who want to be more involved with the training process.

Considering Private Lessons


It takes a lot of work, patience, attention to detail, and problem solving to properly train your dog. Are you eager to work with your dog daily, change your bad habits, follow instructions, and implement new behaviors for your family?


You have to be ready to implement training practice daily. We recommend around an hour minimum per day working with your dog to achieve desired results over the long run. Your dog won't learn good habits if they aren't practiced every day.


Training results with private lessons take longer than a board and train program. Our trainers are simultaneously teaching you and your dog together, which can slow the overall process. Do you have the patience to practice training every day for months while you develop your skills and your dog learns?

If you don't practice, or if you're practicing incorrectly, you could end up repeating the same private lesson at your next visit as our trainer will help you sharpen your skills and get rid of your bad habits.

All Inclusive Board & Train Programs

Our Board & Train programs are convenient, efficient and easier for you - including everything you need to achieve your goals. Our trainers do all the initial work, while you go about your normal lives, or take advantage of the time and go on a vacation and come home to a better behaved dog!

Your dog receives multiple training workouts, structured learning and socialization, plus boarding and care while they stay with us.

Benefits of Board & Train Programs vs Private Lessons


It's no surprise, but when a professional trainer works with your dog the results are obvious. While you have only hour per week in private lessons to learn about proper leash handling, timing, behavioral observation and everything else our trainer already knows - it can be more challenging for families and their dogs.

Our board & train programs are designed to include everything you need for success. From training materials, to video and electronic guides, individual lessons, and supplemental group classes - you'll have everything you need to reach your goals!


Private lessons are typically scheduled 1 hour every 1-2 weeks. This is because you to practice every day to get rid of your dog's old bad habits. The overall process can take 4-6 months, or sometimes longer for dogs with more serious issues.

Board & Train Programs achieve the same results in a fraction of the time with exceptional results. Our trainers work with your dogs multiple times a day, adapting to their needs and achieving your goals. And our staff practice proper training habits throughout their stay from bathroom breaks to play time, your dog's bad habits will old news.


Private lessons have time constraints, so our trainers typically ask more from your dog to help you achieve your goals. In board & train programs, our trainers have more time to spend attending to your dog's needs.

In private lessons, a lot of time is required of owners to practice at home, and they may inadvertently make mistakes that can cause results to lag. Our trainers have years of experience with thousands of dogs, allowing them to achieve the desired results at a pace that works best for your dog without setbacks.


Supplemental Group Classes

Training always starts private and individual. And most families greatly benefit from participating in our additional Group Classes, designed for dogs that have completed some training with us already. Prepare to grow by leaps and bounds with a combination of increased distractions, individual attention, and group learning. Classes are 5 weeks, available weekday evenings, and last approximately 1 hour each.

Continued Support

Continue using and expanding your training knowledge in our Group Classes, Distraction Classes. When you sign up for training with Purpose Driven K9, your success become our top priority. We also offer extended and lifetime support via phone, text, email, and additional discounted lessons are available to training graduates who have new goals to achieve.

Next Steps...

The BEST WAY TO GET STARTED is to fill out the contact form below to schedule a Professional Evaluation with our Certified Professional Trainer.

Requirements for appointments & training

Currently we require your dog is up-to-date by a licensed veterinarian on their Rabies & their Distemper/Parvo combination. They must be clear of external (fleas, ticks, etc) and internal (worms, giardia, etc) parasites.

And Starting February 1, 2021...

We are also going to require up-to-date Bordetella and an annual negative fecal from your vet.

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