Are you FRUSTRATED with your dog's bad habits?

Constantly EMBARRASSED by your dog in public and at home?

Wishing your dog would LISTEN BETTER?


We help with these problems all the time, providing reliable and consistent results to families in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas!

How? With our custom picked training options, our Certified Professional Trainer gives you all inclusive choices on how to achieve your goals! 

Picture Your Dream Dog...

who doesn't jump on guests, stops barking excessively, and walks nicely on a leash. Have peace of mind knowing you can reliably control your dog.

Have the confidence to go more places with your dog and watch how AMAZED people will be. We have successfully helped hundreds of families with their dogs, and we can absolutely help you too!

That dog can be yours!

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Professional Evaluation

For dogs 4+ months old, we always like to start with a Professional Evaluation. Spend an hour with our trainer, who learns all about your dog(s) and goals, answers your questions, and gives you insight into your dog's behavior.

Then, get the best for your dog and family in your own custom chosen training options, with NO OBLIGATION to sign up!

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Puppy Preschool

Do you have a puppy between 8-20 weeks old? We have the perfect option to help you get started with your puppy to prevent bad behaviors and promote proper socialization!

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Group Classes

Dynamic learning and distraction proofing are just two benefits of our group classes! Schedule a Professional Evaluation to see if your dog needs group class!

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Pack Walk Video & Training Progress Video

Requirements for appointments & training

Currently we require your dog is up-to-date by a licensed veterinarian on their Rabies & their Distemper/Parvo combination. They must be clear of external (fleas, ticks, etc) and internal (worms, giardia, etc) parasites.

And Starting February 1, 2021...

We are also going to require up-to-date Bordetella and an annual negative fecal from your vet.

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